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Restaurant Oreshaka

And the story begins…

Not from the legends, but from the walnut bark spread in this place in the recent past comes the revived name of the restaurant "Oreshaka." Reborn in it, the centuries-old tradition comes to life today in the rich symbols of the sacred tree for Bulgarians - the walnut - guardian of the home and protector in trials, ritually used for health, wisdom, and long life. You are already in the magic of "Oreshaka"… We welcome every guest in high esteem!

Freshness in white and green

In these colors is decided the layout of the beautiful summer garden of the restaurant. White - for cleanliness and inner light, green - to keep us healthy and vibrant to our land. In the heat of the fresh greenery and the clear lake, there is a pleasant coolness, and the water mist Mist Cooling - the latest word in technology, provides coolness and disinfection against mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. On beautiful but erratic spring and autumn days, the spacious terraces are protected from rain and wind with crystals and glass doors with photocells. And in the winter, the cold here has no chance - this is the coziest place that everyone dreams of - it's like you're outside, in front of your eyes is a beautiful snow picture, and you're warm! The desired temperature is achieved in the most modern and environmentally friendly way - by radiant gas heating. And all this - without creating inconvenience - for both smokers and non-smokers. "Nut" - it's summer coolness and winter heat…

Bulgarians love fun but also calm conversations. Oreshaka is the right place for that. Against the quiet and pleasant music background here, you can eat delicious food and hear the story with friends. With a regulator next to your table, you can control the volume in the adjacent perimeter.

Fashion in tradition

The world best culinary technologies have found application in the restaurant. In terms of food, it is a crossroads of cultures of near and far nations- from America, through Europe and the Balkans, to the Middle East. Our original products coexist in the best way with the foreign know-how in cooking, and the result - with a breath of old tradition and a shocking modern taste, does not tolerate objections. Like this, the smoked meat on the spot with the smoker delivered from Canada. Or like this one, the Oreshaka onion, which can't be tried anywhere else in our lands. The delicacy - an unsurpassed hit in America, is cut and prepared with a specially delivered machine from the USA. Irresistible! Really.

The benefits of youth

Unbelievable! It is unlikely that they will serve you faster elsewhere. Here the customer has just ordered, and the master chef has already started to fulfill the order - to the kitchen, it is delivered online, with tablets. Each dish is decided in the spirit of culinary aesthetics and unique taste. The service team is scandalously young but professionally - mature and wise. Apart from the kind attitude, you will be impressed by the accent in the clothes of the young people - red, which harmonizes in three colors with the white and green around, and so, together, embody the great idea and impact of the Bulgarian national flag. There is no other way in this restaurant.

Thank you!

And since the walnut is a nobility - from root to tip, in the context of this symbolism, we will be happy if you, the guests of "Oreshaka," appreciated the efforts and diligence of the hosts of the newest restaurant in Kazanlak and the Valley of Roses. You will find much more than 12 reasons to come back here again. It will be the biggest compliment for us, thank you! 




Delight for the senses

Вълшебни котлети
Grilled catfish

grilled. 300 гр. 

Вълшебни котлети
Furnace roasted lamb

Oreshaka specialty. 300 гр. 

Вълшебни котлети
Royal sarmi (sour cabbage rolls)

sour cabbage, chopped pork neck and smoked pork loin, pepper, onion and yogurt. 300 gr. 

Вълшебни котлети
Подсладени аперитиви

узо, йени, перно, бейлис, мартини, 

Вълшебни котлети
Червено вино

избрана селекция от най-добрите вина

Вълшебни котлети

Стела Артоа, Каменица, Бургаско, Бекс, Леффе, Хоегаарден, Старопрамен, Корона екстра

Вълшебни котлети
Oreshaka's meringue cake freshly baked every day

flour, sugar, milk, butter, eggs, walnuts. 120 gr. 

Вълшебни котлети
Unique cake "Oreshaka"

the only one of its kind cake with biscuits, butter cream, lots of walnuts and spices. 150 gr. 

Вълшебни котлети
Sutlyash - Rice pudding in furnace - Turkish style

rice pudding. 150 gr. 


0 700 70717

Phone for reservations


Every day: 12:00 - 00:00 h.


GPS Coordinates: 42.630763, 25.390890

Oreshaka Restaurant is open daily from 12:00 and offers a rich and varied lunch menu. The hospitality of the hosts is without a final hour.
Your evening here will be bright, gorgeous and unimaginably delicious!

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Loyalty program

Loyalty Programme

The employees of Arsenal AD and Arsenal 2000 AD enjoy a special discount in Oreshaka - a 10% discount on the price with the canteen meals.

Oreshaka Restaurant is currently developing an additional loyalty program for its regular visitors, coming soon!